2004 X’mas Pool Side BBQ – 18/12/2004 (Sat)

Impromtu Speech Workshop – 19/10/2004 (by a reputable Toastmaster)

AGM 31/5/2004 – Notice of 19th AGM

Spring Reception – 19/2/2004

Dear all,

On behalf of the chairman and members of the EXCOM, I wish you a very prosperous and energetic year in the Year of the Monkey. To mark the beginning of the year, EXCOM would like to invite you and your family to join us in the SPRING GATHERING function where you can rekindle our old friendship.

A sumptuous meal and loads of entertainment activities are awaiting for you, which include live band and social dancing…

The Venue is the CSD’s Staff Club in Stanley

Time/Date: Cocktail will begin at 1900 hours on Thur. 19th Feb 2004

Cost : Very reasonable

Booking by informing either myself or Doris Chow on telephone no. 24507991/e-mail
You may also wish to visit our WEBSITE on http://www.ssaa.org.hk

With Best Regards,
WONG Mui-kit, Elsie (tel no. 2860 3367)

Visit to Yunnan, Mainland China – 24-29/12/2003

20031115 Visit to Science Park with Families and SSAA colleagues 

Dear all SSAA Members,

Hope all of you are well . To enable you to unwind yourself and spending time with families and friends, SSAA EXCOM is organizing a one-day visit to Science Park cum Other Fun Activities on Sat. 2003-11-15.

Tour Activities: Dolphines Park, Science Park, Lunch, Kam Tin Country Club, Wine Factory and Dickson Concept Superstore.

Assembly Point/Time/Date: The Flag Poles , City Hall, Hong Kong at 0745 hrs. on 15th November 2003

Costs: $84.- per head (same for children), all inclusive

Contact Person: Social Convenor, Ms Doris CHOW on tel no. 2984 7250, Fax No. 2984 8934 e-mail: Chow Doris
Deadline of application: 2003-10-31

Please visit SSAA website for more details at http://www.ssaa.org.hk

With Best Regards,

WONG Mui-kit, Elsie

file: visitSP031115

20030925 Council Meeting – (Guest Speaker: Mr Nelson Ng of HKPF on media handling)

20030717 Council Meeting

AGM 30/5/2003 – Notice of 18th AGM

Visit to Guangzhou, 19 to 21/4/2003 (deferred due to SARS.)

ExCom Meeting – 25/2/2003

Pool Side BBQ – 27/9/2002

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