20180716 Ad Hoc Council Meeting of SSAA held at Police Sports and Recreation Club, Mongkok at 1900 hrs. on 16th July 2018

Ad Hoc Council Meeting of SSAA held at Police Sports and Recreation Club, Mongkok at 1900 hrs. on 16th July 2018


Participating Members:

  1. David Hung Wai Cheung (Chairman)
  2. Ho Nai Hoi (Hon. Treasurer)
  3. Anthony Kwan Lok.Fong
  4. Poon King Lai
  5. Elsie Wong Mui Kit (Acting for Hon. Secretary, By Proxy)
  6. Wessex Lau Wing.Fai (Hon. Secretary)


Address by Chairman

  1. Chairman David Hung reported that he had on behalf of all members of SSAA sent deep condolences to the surviving family members of late Ms. Doris Chow, the ex-chairperson of SSAA, who sadly passed away in May 2018. He thanked all participating members for attending this meeting at short notice, Ms. Elsie Wong for taking minutes of meeting as Hon. Secretary, and reported that Wessex Lau was on an overseas trip in England.
  2. David stated that due to a persistent lack of interest in active participation of activities of SSAA, and difficulties over time in recruiting members to join the executive council, the purpose of this meeting is to recommend the holding of an Extra General Meeting (EGM) to consider: (1) dissolving the body of SSAA (registered society no. 6342 under the Societies Ordinance) and: (2) a resolution on what charity organization(s) to be beneficiaries as respectively required by paras. 48 and 49 of the Constitution of SSAA.

Appointment of Ad Hoc Council Members

  1. According to the record of the Registrar of Societies (Commissioner of Police), the following are currently office-bearers of SSAA:

Chairperson : Chow Yan Yan (Doris)

Vice Chairperson : Wong Chun Kau (Jolly)

Hon. Treasurer : Ho Nai Hoi (Paul)

Hon. Secretary: Shum Hing Hay (Walter)


  1. With the unanimous agreements of Council Members participating in this meeting. Chairman David requested Hon. Treasurer Paul to complete the necessary paper work (Pol Form 1148) to notify the Registrar of Societies of the following: (1) the passing away of ex-chairperson, with a copy of the Death Certificate, (2) deletion of the office of Vice-chairperson and (3) the registration of the three in-coming office-bearers, with their respective HKID card numbers and addresses:

Chairperson : Hung Wai Cheung (David)

Hon. Treasurer : Ho Nai Hoi (Paul)

Hon. Secretary : Lau Wing Fai (Wessex)

  1. Paul stated that according to the Societies Ordinance, when a registered society changes its office-bearers and business address, the society must inform the Registrar within one month from such change and with the original certificate of registration. If the certificate cannot be recovered from the files previously transferred to Wessex, it would need to be declared loss to a police station, and a Police Loss Report be obtained before the submission to the Registrar of Societies. David thanked Paul for volunteering to follow up on the certificate of registration. Moreover, change of business address was also necessary and the use of Paul’s residential address was accepted and endorsed by all in the meeting.
  2. From the Minutes of the 22nd AGM of the SSAA (dated 31 May 2007) the then Council authorized that any two signatures of the following three persons would effect the current bank accounts of the Association with Hang Seng Bank:
  3. Doris Chow (Chairperson)
  4. Walter Shum Hing Hay (Hon. Secretary)
  5. Ho Nai Hoi (Hon. Treasurer)
  6. With the unanimous agreements of Council Members participating in this meeting, David requested Paul to notify the Hang Seng Bank, the change of office-bearers and authorized signature samples together with the necessary supporting documents. (That is any two signatures of the three new office bearers as stated in para. 4 are authorized to effect the current account and fixed time deposit account of the Association with the Hang Seng Bank).

Hon. Treasurer’s Report

  1. Hon. Treasurer Paul presented the balance sheet as at 16 July 2018 as follows:


Fixed Assets HK$0.00 HK$0.00
Current Assets as at 16 Jul 2018

–          Cash in hand

–          Current A/C

–          HKD Time Deposit







Balance as at 1 Apr 2018 200,543.06
Subtract general expenditure and souvenir items written-off  during the period 1.4.2018-16.7.2018 6,816.27
Balance as at 16 Jul 2018 193,726.79


  1. Paul explained that due to exposure to unexpected moisture and long period of storage, the stock of souvenir items as below were found largely damaged:

28 sets of desk top stationery each $120.00, totally $3,360.00, and 23 sets of wallet/key ring, each $100.00, totally $2,300.00

  1. The meeting unanimously agreed to have the above stock of souvenirs written off.
  2. 11. David also remarked that Hon. Auditors should be identified among members for auditing the above balance statements. He urged all to help approaching such potential persons before the EGM and notifying Paul in due course. (Post meeting note : Mr. Raymond Leung and Mr. Fong Cheung Fat agreed to be the Hon. Auditors)
  3. 12. After discussion, the meeting agreed to put aside a budget of $6,000.00 for preparation of the EGM and dinner.

Dissolving SSAA and Residual Issues

  1. 13. According to the Societies Ordinance, when a registered society is to be dissolved, one or more of its office-bearers must complete Pol 1148 again to notify formally and submit it together with the Certificate of Registration, original copy or a Loss Report. Paul undertook to follow up on the paper work.
  2. 14. The meeting agreed on the meeting agenda and the date/time/venue of the EGM as follows:

Date and Time

5 September 2018  1830 hours – Reception

5 September 2018  1900 hours – EGM commences

5 September 2018  1930 hours – Chinese Dinner


Yee Yat Hin, 2/F, Police Sports and Recreation Club in Mong Kok (MTR Exit A1 Prince Edward Station)

  1. 15. The Agenda of the EGM are to consider and resolve : (a) Dissolution of the SSAA as per para. 48 of the Constitution and; (b) Donation of the residual asset of the SSAA, mainly cash in the bank, to charitable organization(s) as per para 49 of the Constitution.
  2. 16. In order to secure an attendance of 10 or more members for achieving quorum for the EGM, David appealed to all to help urge members to attend the EGM. Anthony and Wessex have been requested to send out the invitation to attend the EGM to SSAA members by email as soon as possible.
  3. 17. The meeting discussed the option of putting an advertisement on newspapers but ruled it out after due consideration because of the relative cost and ineffectiveness. David asked Anthony to re-connect, if viable, the website of SSAA for the purpose of notifying all members of the EGM and its agenda, which notification should be issued at least 21 days prior to 5 September 2018. A small administrative cost will be incurred. (Post meeting note : Anthony re-activated the SSAA domain at a cost of $400.00)

Target (s) for Donation

  1. 18. The meeting discussed and ruled out donating to Community Chest due to the higher cost of administration, staff cost and they are not short of support. Anthony presented to the meeting the following three Hong Kong registered charitable organizations for consideration:

(a) Hong Kong Children’s Cancer Foundation (http:www.ccf.org.hk/index.php)

(b) Children’s Thalassaemia Foundation (http:thalassaemia.org.hk) and

(c) World of Compassion Education Fund Association (www.wcefa.org.hk)

  1. 19. Anthony presented in details the objectives, strengths and weaknesses of the three charitable organizations covering, inter alia, the number of beneficiaries and level of donations from the community. Anthony and Paul reminded the meeting that at the 24th AGM (dated 28th September 2009), our late chairperson (Doris Chow) had advocated donation to support educational charity work at para. 18 (c). However, no actual donation has been made by the SSAA according to the record of Hon. Treasurer Paul.
  2. 20. Chairman David and the Council Members unanimously agreed to recommend to the EGM the donation of the residual assets of the SSAA after budgeting sufficient logistical fund for the EGM and the costs of outstanding administrative operations, to the three registered charitable bodies in para. 18. The beneficiaries will be selected by resolution of the EGM. The selection will take into consideration (a) the body must be a charitable body registered in Hong Kong and audited bank balances are readily available for inspection to the SSAA, (b) the object of the charitable work very clear and beneficiaries are young persons (c) the charitable work with the lowest administrative cost in running and (d) the hardest to raise public fund.
  3. 21. The Council after careful considerations and thorough discussions reached the consensus to endorse the following recommendation to the EGM for resolution, ‘$100,000.00 be donated to World of Compassion Education Fund Association. Thereafter, the residual assets of the SSAA be split into two equal shares for donation to the Hong Kong Children’s Cancer Foundation and Children’s Thalassaemia Foundation.’

Any Other Matters

  1. 22. David reminded all that according to para 15 of the Constitution, there needed at least 10 members to be present to meet the quorum for the EGM, and urged the Secretary Wessex to timely issue the invitation with Agenda of the EGM to members via SSAA website and/or email in early August 2018. The balance sheet as at the EGM with minutes of this meeting would also be needed for distribution to members on 5th September 2018.
  2. 23. On the issue of keeping SSAA’s papers and record, since there is no legal requirement in the Societies Ordinance to keep record for inspection after dissolution and the requirements of the Companies Ordinance do not apply to a registered society, the meeting agreed to dispose of all old files and records of SSAA 6 months after filing the notification to the Registrar of Societies.

Closing of the Meeting

  1. 24. The meeting was closed at 2130 hours.



(Hung Wai Cheung David)



(Elsie Wong for Wessex Lau)

Hon. Secretary


PDF for download: SSAA Min of Mtg Held 20180716